Saturday, 1 August 2015

Giant Weta

I found one in the garage today. I let it go. Sorry Prince Charles. You do take ages to reply to emails don't you?

Today was the day for a spot of gardening and tidy up, and it's the first of the month. The sun was shining I decided to plant the Whangarei hibiscus in the front rock garden. I didn't get offered that job, so, this was the only thing I got from Whangarei. Ok Whangarei, you are now on my blacklist.
I won't go back to you again..besides that, I'm not prepared to housesit and keep your pets safe from the local gangs. Even though I'm a westie, that doesn't mean you can take me for granted...

Also I managed to sow some dwarf peas in punnets today, along with zinnea and/or marigolds. I am keeping them under glass on my potting table. I know the garden charts say not to sow anything in August..but what do they know? Winter sowing has its benefits. For example, flowers don't mind the chill and I think they need a bit of deep freeze to get going. Peas are a cool weather crop.

I moved the spider plant to a new location in the tyre tower as it was getting frost bitten, and gave it a clip. It can now dangle gracefully over the tyres instead of being bunched up in the corner where it couldn't even bury its roots. I also moved the spotty succulents to be its companion plant...and to stop the chickens digging it all up again.

I moved the trellis to the sweet peas to climb up. I planted some more garlic that was sprouting in the cupboard.

Balloon flower had turned yellow and then lost its leaves. I hope it grows back again. Frangipani has also shed all its leaves. My sunflowers are being eaten..not sure who the culprit is, I thought it was caterpillars but I couldn't see any sign of them. The leaves are all holey like fruit salad plants. I'm thinking of seeing if I can find a fruit salad plant to grow by the house as I think they are cool. But I've not seen any in the shops.

The next door neighbours cut down their privet, and camellia, and cabbage tree, and now their plot is bare except for a grevillea, a feijoa and a citrus tree. I wonder what they will plant, if anything. Dad says they want to put up a wooden fence along the driveway and replace the chain link one. I guess they sick of looking at our house. I mean it's not the greatest view, I just go out the back door and see their driveway as well.

Ahhh suburbia.

Good news, magnolia is blossoming and the buds are rich pinky red. Dad has been taking lots of photos. Bad news, chickens like digging up the bark mulch and making a mess underneath the tree. Grr. Sometimes having chickens is like having dogs. Digging up things and poo everywhere!