Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I love olive

Dad and I just planted out the olive tree. We dug the hole and put the soil into the L-shaped poppy bed. All the surrounding companion plants came with it, including borage, alyssum, phacelia and maybe even a sweet pea. The olive tree is now near the niagara grapevine.

I read that olive trees can last till at least 1000 years old! We only have one and it is a J5. This is to replace the one that a car crashed into out the front. I haven't planted anything on the grass verge yet. I am not sure what would look good there. What do other people plant on their verges?

I found another nz gardening book, this time, gardening with perennials. It's no good reading american or english gardening books for tips as all the seasons are wrong.

I have further plans to put another manger/window box off the terrace fence on the side facing my little nurture alcove. If we get more strawberries, I will put those in there.

I am going to grow more flowers in punnets, I have nearly exhausted the space on my potting table. Now there is another large pot free because of planting the olive, which I have moved to the shady south side of the garden. I am not sure what I will put there yet. Ferns? Flax?

Also, I have found an online garden decor centre called Homelandz which has some really nice garden furniture. Pity there is no showroom that I can go and test it out. I think, a curved stone garden bench, would look nice against the brick wall, I could make a little bower or alcove if I had some trellis and either espalier something there or grow climbers. They also have pretty arches. Sigh.

My sister does not believe me when I say I only have x amount of money left. I was thinking today that, jobs are not what they used to be. Even when I was employed, social security and superannuation did not mean anything.. there was no guarantee that if you stayed in a job they would look after you after you retired. I think of the librarians who retired and they did not get anything from the council, except maybe a plate that nobody could sell at the gift shop. As far as I know, when my former manager retired it was staff members who all chipped in and bought her a smartphone. So I don't know what the point is staying in a job forever. It looks like the govt is going to cut all pensions anyway or raise the age and we may be all dead before then. There is really no incentive, especially if you want to move. And I don't see the point of paying a mortgage and getting into debt.

My dad said, our house, when he bought it sold for $12,000. And the land was about $2000. I'm like what? Can you sell it to me, for 1970's prices?!

Well, just between you and me, when the rainbow ends at my house, there's a pot of gold. But you'll never find it, because I'm not going to tell you where God buried it. Ask Him yourself.