Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sweet Valley

I have put in the lily of the valleys. I bought three. I put them in the L shaped bed in the corner and under the apricot tree.  The garden books say it is a May flower, but I think maybe that is the northern hemisphere in England? Over here the opposite of May is November, so I expect them to bloom then.
It's all upside down. The darling buds of May become the darling buds of November and that doesn't have the same ring to it!
April showers become October Showers. And March hares are September rabbits.
Also moons in Junes and ferris wheels become moons in December which doesn't rhyme either.

More plants I put in were pansies, digging out the plaintains and weeds on the edge of my southern rock bed, and Nigella, or Love in the mist, so romantic sounding, near the snowball tree and the back sunny corner.

It was rainy today and showery typical Auckland weather not making up its mind. So I just gardened in between. I could not find any more troughs/window box planters to take my strawberries, it is the gothic kind that has a deeper root run but they weren't available.

My Garden of Eden is nearly complete as far as plants go although I did read a book called Bee Friendly Borders online that hinted I am lacking in achilleas. And penstemons. I was going to buy them back when they were available as they looked very pretty but I had not got round to it. Bees apparently love them. I do want bees and butterflies to feel at home in my garden.

That's all for now. I am going to compile a list of 100 plants every gardener should have in their garden since I've now become an expert. lol.