Sunday, 9 August 2015

Winter Planning

Plant out olive tree near grapevines
Plant mexican orange blossom on border
Remove yellowing gardenia?
Prepare more pea wigwams
Prepare flowerbeds for zinneas.

Colour code flower beds.
Snowy's bed - white
Pink flamingo bed - pink
Apricot bed - yellows...?
Sock's bed - red and white?

Extend backyard borders by another metre?
Design a parterre surrounding the rain gauge...
Or a clearing surrounded by shrubs
Rain lilies for the boggy patch
Mangers on fence, plant trailing petunias on the top one
Tame Fluffy's bed
Plant more hen and chickens ferns on the south side of the house
Bait slugs eating the Chatham Island forget-me-not

Create a welcoming entrance into the garden in between house and garage
Garden seat swing on the deck
Or garden patio furniture
Have a secret log seating in the back
More lambs ears for the glaucous rock garden plus succulents

Plant a lavender hedge below the grapevines
have clumps of helichrysum and tall grasses
Create a fernery on the shady side of the garage or a swale
Think of what to grow in front of the fence facing the street, if anything

Plants to grow - bleeding heart, moonflowers, ajuga, cleome, catmint
Read more garden design books
Go on a gardening cruise world tour
Ask Prince Charles for tips on organic gardening 
Convince Palmers Planet to employ me...I can't lift compost or gossip over giftware but I can surely advise people buying those expensive spas not to put roses or deciduous trees nearby

Wait for spring flowers to appear....