Sunday, 16 August 2015

Things that are pure, things that are lovely

I'm sorry for the grouchy post below. Its just if three of us going to visit a garden, it will cost $45 not including petrol for the day out, and then we still need to bring our lunch, cos it's not likely she will put one on for us.

I suppose its because we weren't invited. Well. Maybe we won't go and head somewhere free instead. The forest? Lynda Hallinan's garden?? Parnell Rose Garden?

I am now going to record what I planted just before. I went to Kings with my $10 voucher and bought a catmint, two thymes, three curly carexs for the bog garden, and a blue pratis groundcover.

I was going to buy a hanging basket trough manger thing but they didn't have the one that matches my other two, and even mitre 10 doesn't have it. Although baskets are cheaper there. Maybe Warehouse may have it. Oh and from Mitre 10 I bought a white Japanese anemone on sale for $6.

So I planted the catmint in the Chinese Toon bed, the emerald thyme on Mt Asher, and the bergamont one under the olive, putting some more rocks there, the carexs in the bog garden and the ground cover in the ground at the back door near the driveway.  The anemones I planted under the maple tree in Snowy's bed..and moved a pink cyclamen to Mt Asher. I also moved some of the rain lilies closer together, and removed a dead blueberry bush that had dried to a twig. So I only have two now. Maybe I will buy another if any on special. I've also moved the love carnation to Mt Asher.

Some more moves..the cranberry to the bog garden, the hen and chickens ferns to the south side of the house near the chatham island forget me not, the impatiens to the terrarium garden, a spleenwort amongst the ferns..I think it will do much better there. They were going a bit yellow so I watered them with sequestron. I also planted the apple mint that was still in its pot to the bog garden. It can spread there if its likes, I don't mind.

After all that gardening my hands were all muddy so I went back to the house, washed my hands and had a drink. I was thinking I don't really like wearing gloves and not being able to feel the soil. I think maybe gloves are for wussy gardeners who grow roses and other poisonous and stingy and thorny plants and put weedkiller everywhere. Well maybe not as we do have to pull out weeds first but I'm determined that my garden is going to be weed free and not have any horrible plants in it that would need handling with gloves. I'm sorry hyacinth I will not be buying you anymore because the last time I touched a hyacinth bulb it gave me itchy skin and I'm not really a fan to be honest. The flowers have now come up but they droop and I'm thinking that's useless to flower and not even be able to hold them up on the stalk?! Bluebells know better than you, Miss Keeping up Appearances plant that needs a flippin' corset.

As for sunflowers, also, I don't know but even in winter you fellas are droopy and I have to keep watering you all the time, so I've put you in a swimming pool of water and you can drink from that. And caterpillars or ants seem to enjoy munching your leaves so much that you look more like Monsterosa Delicosa than Helianthus.

Another failure seems to be comfrey, which is touted as the wonder mulching plant except...the two I have planted have completely disappeared due to maybe chickens scoffing the lot. And they say it's invasive. Ha!

Anyway..back to lovely things and good report. Well, star performer at the moment is prostrate rosemary flowering and looking gorgeous hanging out on my terrace. Not fussy, doesn't need much watering, smells delicious, attracts bees.  Top marks to you. Well done!