Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Violets aren't blue

Roses may be red, but violets aren't blue...they're violet. Although, they can be pink if they're African. I have put in some violets under the rosemary bush. I think they complement the purply mauve rosemary flowers very well. These are the ground covering kind and are said to like shade.

The other gardeny thing I did today was pull out the chinese radish, that had been growing in my L shaped poppy bed. Silly things I mistook for poppies, until I noticed they didn't seem to really be doing much, and they were spiny, and looking suspiciously like they were taking over. When I pulled them out they were all leaf and no radish. I was half hoping for a giant radish, but they were deceptive. Lets hope that the poppy seeds I sowed months ago will come up this spring. I just don't know with these wildflower mixes. It's kind of like playing lotto with those never know if your numbers will come up.

Well good thing spring can't be too far off as my Chinese Toon looks like its got buds. I will know when spring is really here when it starts to leaf up with those splendid pink ferny fronds. Also my crocus is starting to shoot up.

So people that say daffodils herald spring are wrong. They've been flowering all winter. Except I don't have any in my garden. I thought I did but they were all jonquils. Hyacinth and bluebells have also come out. Also our azalea has bloomed with hot pink frothy flowers. The Whangarei Hibiscus had one flower, a watermelon colour. And our camellia had one red flower.

The rest of the shrubs are bare. No hydrangeas yet, no snowball flowers, no gardenias, no mexican orange blossom. The maple trees are still bare as is the apricot and peach tree. The wisteria vine and grapevine are completely bare. The frangipani looks naked. I'm tempted to cover her up as she almost looks indecent. If she was in Aussie or Fiji she would have blossoms and leaves year round.

You can't hurry love. You just have to wait.