Monday, 17 August 2015

Credible Inedibles

Our tangelo tree is fruiting but I don't really feel in the mood for citrus right now. There's not much you can do just juice them. I suppose I will need to juice them all and freeze them for summer. I haven't heard of tangelo cake or muffins or meringue pie.

It's raining, which is good as this will settle in all the plants I put in yesterday. 
Just when I thought I had enough the thought came to me that, I need some lilies of the valley as I saw them for sale at Kings which I had not seen before and I have always wanted to see them. Apparently the month of May, my birthday, is when they are in flower...and they are highly fragrant. So I may buy one or two, although they expensive for just one flower. 

Another plant that I need more of us pansies for the south rock garden as I think they make good edging plants aside from bugleweed and I could replace all the plantains that spring up with pansies instead. Or violets. 

There is also a gap in the border between the gardenia and the swan plant, and I'm wondering what can go there since I moved the lavender. Another mexican orange blossom? But that likes shade and its not terribly shady there. Another curly carex? Of course I am planning on sowing the rest of my flower seeds when it's warmer, which are cosmos, feverfew, cleome, viscaria, soapwort, hollyhock, bishops flower, marigold and morning glory. I hope they all sprout. Its devastating when they do and then just get dug out by chickens. Or they sprout but they end up being so spindly I just wonder how anything really survives in my poor soil. I suppose I can always put another daisy cutting there. They do really well. But I haven't made any cuttings that have rooted. 

Another plant that just seems to sulk is my tea tree, camellia sinesis. It just seems to not grow at all and the branches kind of twirl around and don't go anywhere. It has blossomed, but the blossoms are not much to look at. And the leaves, don't seem like the bushy tea plants you see in the ads for PG Tips. Manukas do much better, or even lemon balm for herbal tea would be more useful than this plant that doesn't seem to earn its keep. 

That's the third 'Incredible Edibles' plant that I may end up ditching. The other two were blackberry and blueberry. I think they are falsely advertising all their wonderful properties but they just don't perform well at all. And I take care to plant them where they would thrive as it says on the label. Meh. Also, my passionfruit seems to be somewhat sprawling and non productive. 
Well lets hope the grapevines and olive at least fruit. Also the blackcurrant. People say plant fruit trees and edibles but they useless if they don't even fruit, die and end up with rust. They also look horrible when the insects have a field day eating all their leaves. Maybe I should just leave the fruit trees to the orchardists and also veges to the dedicated market gardeners and community garden. I suppose if it were easy everyone would have their own.

Well if all else fails I can eat my flowers. Borage is tasty and I hear violet and calendula are too.