Thursday, 6 August 2015

I heard it through the grapevine...

I went to Palmers today, had lunch with my friend at the very nice Botanix cafe - and decided I wanted to have grapevines along the north facing chain link fence. I was thinking. That fence is not very nice looking. Maybe I could decorate it? I'd seen a garden that Monty Don had visited that had shells hanging from the fencing. Maybe I could do that, or have some garden art. I already have sweet peas growing along the border. And then I thought, why not have some grapevines? It's sunny, the soil is not very rich, and grapevines do well in poor soil. So I bought two, Albany Surprise and Niagara. I had already taken some cuttings off one we already had and I think they are rooting but I wanted some already about to grow so I planted them today.

I also bought a creeping fig that is going to grow up my brick wall on the south side of the house. I know mum doesn't like ivy, but creeping fig seems alright. I had seen it cover a whole wall in green foliage at McDonalds and thought that looks so cool. So I can have a green house after all. I just bought one, and see if it likes it. Looking at boring brick walls that only an electricity meter is not very inspiring.

Then on the way back home I went to Pak n'Save and bought some pop n'grow anzac poppies, as I thought I needed more for my poppy bed. I know some seedlings are coming up that may be poppies but can't really be sure, I sowed a mixture. I also bought some foxgloves, and put them down the back near the fence in the shade.

I moved the sage to the front rock garden because its foliage is glaucous along with a lambs ear to grow by the steps.

I saw an arch for sale at the mighty dollar shop, its green and painted but I think it won't really fit in my garden. It was $40. I saw the exact same thing selling for over $100 at Palmers. Hmm. I don't know, I kinda think the paint may flake and then it will look kinda awful. Also the tracery doesn't look like it can support many climbers. So there goes my dream of having an arch in my garden.
I saw some hammocks though, not sure how much they were, and need a sturdy hook to hang it from the ceiling. Where could I hang my hammock? We don't really have a covered porch and no tree is large enough.

I have now joined the Palmers rewards club and getting points for my purchases. It is giving Kings Plant Barn a run for their money. Also their cafe is nicer, well when we went there it wasn't so busy, and a lot less noisy than Kings. I wish it wasn't so far away though. Palmers used to be on Lincoln Road but that one closed down a long time ago.

I am also considering extending my borders width wise as they are really too narrow. But I will see how all these flowers fare come spring first. I hope there will be enough for a bouquet or at least a posy.