Sunday, 30 August 2015

Orbiting Palmers Planet

Ok I must stop this but I went to Palmers Planet AGAIN but only cos the church ladies were meeting there at the cafe before our movie and my new friend gasped at the outrageous prices with me once more.

We walked around and there IS one plant that I am coveting and it's a perennial called Origanum Kent Beauty which has green and pink foliage.

Other than that, I think I'm ok for plants...although...I wouldn't mind a Lemon Balm for its fragrant leaves. Some boys who were hanging out at the park came across our garden so we showed them around and one fell in love with our Lemon Balm. I gave it to the boy to sniff and he just thought it was heavenly. I'm sure he may never have smelled anything like it before and I have to admit I was bowled over by it too. Nicole told him he could make tea out of it.

We didn't put the arch up as didn't have time maybe next time, along with the choko.
We plan to put it over the entrance and grow runner beans over it. Or anything that will climb. Could be passionfruit. Or peas. Or cucumbers.

top 10 herbs

1. parsley
2. mint
3. rosemary
4. garlic
5. lavender
6. basil
7. thyme
8. sage
9. lemon balm
10. chives

top 10 veges

1. peas
2. potatoes
3. carrots
4. leeks
5. tomatoes
6. silverbeet
7. broccoli
8. sweetcorn
9. beans
10. pumpkin

top 10 flowers
1. sweet peas
2. sunflowers
3. daisies
4. borage
5. bluebells
6. cyclamen
7. magnolia
8. winter roses
9. hibiscus
10. sweet william/dianthus

That's 30 plants so far..the next 70 coming up....