Saturday, 15 August 2015

Shopping list

Thyme - for the spaces in the rock garden
Sun dial
Macrocarpa wood for raised beds
Ponga tree
Potting mix
Hanging basket hook
Window box

I have borrowed two issues of Gardens Illustrated magazine from the library. It's very British.  I see lots of ads for glass houses, swing chairs, and garden tours. It is like Sports Illustrated for gardeners with disposable incomes. Also theres things I didn't even know I needed like...

Rustic looking seed boxes
Tool apron
Bird feeders with certified organic sunflower seeds
Madam Butterfly Opera staged in a Japanese water garden
Garden design courses
Alpaca Socks
Wildlife tours and tours to gardens in Italy

There is a winter sale with up to 33% off 'The finest greenhouses money can buy' except, I don't have the money to buy them. Too bad. Then there's the hint that there's 100 plants that every gardener should grow. Not one of them is a fruit tree, herb or vegetable. What planet is this magazine on??