Friday, 21 August 2015

Dirty yankees

Asparagus count as ferns don't they? I could have them in my garden. I need more ferns.
We planted some today at the community garden as well as my peas. We've already been harvesting some peas from my own backyard. I took home three broccolis and a cabbage.
I looked in the cabbage patch for any kids but didn't find any. Don't they grow there?

Mum let the chickens out for a run around which they promptly started digging up my garden where I hadn't put rocks or netting. Grr. They dug up my dahlia and two nigella seedlings and some bulbs. I put them back and then they dug them up again. I am refusing to eat their eggs in protest. I am very angry at mum for letting them out, plus, they scratched out all my comfrey. Jacqui assured me they would recover. What, is comfrey poisonous? I asked, hopefully.  She replied, No..I meant the comfrey.

Well, I won't think about that now,  like Scarlett O'Hara. I will think about it tomorrow. I will survive. After all, tomorrow, is another day!

This is after she's eaten raw carrots and parsnips from what's left of the plantation in Tara and vomited up the contents. Dirty yankees!

Even Ashley and Rhett couldn't hold her to her love of the red earth of Tara. Didn't she pick cotton until her fingers bled? Wasn't all the land hers after her ma and pa died? Didn't she contemplate fornication to pay the $300 taxes on Tara? Was she going to sell the land? Over her dead body!