Friday, 28 August 2015

The plot thickens

Went to the working bee this morning but we still haven't put the arch up or planted out the choko (too cold yet). We did plant two varieties of potato - Desiree and Swift, and more peas.
I trimmed some lavender and found some gorse hiding in the lavender bush! Tricky! Pull it out, said Jacqui. No way...I had bare hands. I was a wuss. Maybe a man could have done it. Instead one of the other volunteers ( a lady)  put on some leather gloves and pulled out the sucker. It will have to be burned or at least chucked to landfill inside a plastic bag.

Although one thing about gorse...I've heard it makes good mulch when put through a mulcher. And it's like comfrey for plants when you do that, or even aloe vera. But I've never tried. So much for my fortune raking idea. We could make gorse fertiliser and gorse mulch and give pea straw a run for it's money.

We also planted the two blueberry bushes that were the very last ones left at the Warehouse. They should do well there as its cooler.

As for chez moi, no new plants, I am going to prepare more peas in punnets and other seedlings. I've transplanted some cornflowers, and I now have a plan for a vege plot next to the garage where I will grow the three sisters - beans, corn, and squash (or gourd, or courgettes). These summer veges like each other. If I am to grow tomatoes it may be cherry bush tomatoes in a hanging basket. I don't want to go through the hassle of staking and pinching out tips. And tomatoes are very heavy feeders. My chilli peppers don't seem to do well either although basil flourishes.

So I will need some bean seeds and corn seeds later. Only a few more days until September. It might as well rain...