Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kings Seeds

My shipment of Kings Seeds came in yesterday.

I ordered
Bishop's Flower (fern leaf)
Echium Blue Bedder
Gaura The Bride
Origanum Kent Beauty
Perovskia Blue Spike (Russian Sage)
Scabiosa Starball
Wildflower Beneficial Insect Blend

and Chives, broad leaf and garlic.
Now I need some more seed raising mix to raise these seeds. I'm just going to scatter them when the weather warms a bit more.
My cornflowers are coming up in punnets.
Also the lupins are flowering, and they are a lovely mauve blue. It seems a shame to cut and dig them in before they have a chance to flower, which is what you're meant to do for a green manure crop. Although I don't mind doing it for mustard, which has yellow flowers. But mustard does not give as much nitrogen to the soil as peas or lupins. It's more of a nematode cleanser.

I am wishing for a wishing well. If I had one it would most likely need to be in the middle of our backyard or the front but I have no idea if there's any underground water on our land. The creek is nearby anyway. I'm on the look out for a plaque or some sort of stone that maybe has a thoughtful saying on it for my rock garden, and also, a castle! You can buy cute ones that aquariums have and have a little 'fairy garden'. Not that there's real fairies but like a little mini world. I'm going to scour the op shops for little stone houses and bridges.

No, I'm not inviting gnomes and trolls and brownies and leprechauns to live in my garden, but I did buy a bird feeder on special but it seems, the birds don't even like my seeds! So I may have to rethink that, or the type of seed, I am just filling it with seed my friend gave me, actually it is for canaries while she has budgies, but canaries do not fly free round here so I ought to put wild bird seed in it.

Anyway..my garden needs a castle because a Princess lives in it waiting for her Prince.