Monday, 24 August 2015

100 plants every gardener should grow

On my way to becoming an expert gardener is the 'know your plants' so you can tell what is a plant worth growing from what is a weed. It's like working in the library, discerning between trash and treasure. For example, every library ought to have a Holy Bible, an Atlas, a Dictionary, a Street finder and an updated road code. Those are essentials. A Bible would be like a tree, permanent. A dictionary can be updated maybe once every 10 years. It would be a shrub. And street finders and road codes would be perennials and annuals respectively.
The fruit, vegetables and herbaceous perennials and flowers would be like cooking books and novels.

Anyway. I don't know why I'm thinking of libraries right now because I've concluded I was a lousy librarian. I can say that now I don't work there anymore. In all the time I worked there I never got 'librarian of the month' or the MVP or whatever award they gave to the most helpful, industrious librarians. I was more like decoration. People would more likely ask what clothes I wore than what books they ought to read. Either that or ask which way to the toilets.

Also, I got in trouble with LIANZA for not doing their journal properly. They wanted it on a spreadsheet and I would not follow instructions and wrote a blog instead (which I published, then deleted). I don't think they cared, they just were happy to take my hard earned pay to be a member.

It was nothing to do with books, it was information, and then it was council, and then it was pride that Auckland was this wonderful city that rich people could play in. Well, it is if you've got money to pay the exorbitant rates. Rates that are paying for the libraries and so they can have 'state of the art' televisions in them, that nobody watches.

When I worked there, they installed a tv in the childrens area. It was up so high that the children could not even see it and they paid a subscription to a sky channel and then we had to give out headphones so they could watch it. I'm like..what is the logic of this? We had thousands of books and they did not think of actually designating a special story time area so people could read books together. I think they only had two story times a week, pitiful  for a library. Of course I could not say anything, I could only do what I was told, I was a mere library assistant.

Anyway. Sorry for my rant.
I will continue with my 100 plants in another post.