Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I need a nz money tree

Went to Kings and bought some potting mix to sow and pot up my sunflowers. I put them in Fluffy's bed as that is a sunny spot, and the chickens can't dig them up because of the wire. When they grow tall I hope they will reach up to the deck.
A tip I heard from gardeners in the know..if you want plenty of sunflowers, don't buy your seed from the garden centre just get it from the pet store. You can buy them in bulk as its used to feed birds. I'm wondering if I scattered my mixed budgie bird seed what would come up if the birds did not eat them first?

I also bought a licorice plant as I like the feel of the leaves, they are fuzzy and furry. I put that in my empty hanging basket which won't hang as the chains are rusted. I will have to get new chains.

I also bought some ajuga, or bugleweed as it's known, to put by the edge of the path that leads to the back door. I have three of them in a row, and they will have blue flowers. Hopefully they will spread and smother the other weeds growing there, which I dug out to make room.

That was all. Then I entered the draw to win a car load of potted colour. I hope I win! I wouldn't mind...and then if I win that I can make a parterre or formal bedding as well as deck out all my beds in a riot of spring colour. I was also give some away to the neighbours next door, now that their driveway verge is cleared. They have not put anything there yet. The cabbage tree is looking forlorn it is now a log that doubles as Sparky's bridge to nowhere.

I have calculated my spending and figure I have about $3000 or thereabouts left before I am completely broke. I hope I find a job before then...because this gardening habit is taking all my money...unfortunately money trees are not accepted as payment at the garden centres.

Bev McConnell how on earth did you snag a rich husband?