Sunday, 3 May 2015

A new life

I've just heard yesterday that Princess Kate had a baby girl, a little Princess.
And that Prince Harry is coming over for a visit. He'll be here next week!

Ok, I don't know, I mean, I'm not a royalist maybe I just get caught up in the media reporting things like this. But my heart does a little flutter, that a real life Prince will be visiting my country. Last time Kate and William visited, I was stuck in an office keywording pictures (not ones of them). I remember Prince Charles coming to visit, he drove through my town and gave a royal wave.

What has this to do with my rambling garden? I don't know. sweet williams are spreading. I had planted more, and the original I did have, has been dying back and setting seed, and I think wants to have more babies.

Also I'm thinking of attracting more Monarch butterflies to my garden. Yes, Royal butterflies. I have one swan plant down the back but also a friend gave me some seeds which I sowed in the front bed.

I sowed the delphiniums and larkspur in the beds, uprooting some of the mustard which is about to flower, as green manure. I also sowed another packet of sweet peas down the back near the fence, to ramble. I thought about making one of those obelisks, from the bamboo that's been chucked into the reserve and the council still hasn't removed it.

I had my first garden visitor! Margaret came and I showed her around. She was very impressed with my brothers box hedging. Of course I don't have to do a thing, they come round with their electric hedge clipper and make a mighty noise getting them into shape. I showed her the rose carpet free beds and she said what a relief, no more thorns.

Bloody gardening! Cos that's what it is, isn't it? However...I saw one shoot trying to work it's way out of the soil and wondered where that came from? Grr. It's like that movie with the giant underground worms that rise up and attack you. You cut them down and more come up as they've been hiding.

Margaret was less impressed with the neighbours huge privet tree next door. It makes me sneeze something awful in summer. The neighbours are not doing anything bout it though. Mum said she told them. Maybe they don't have a chainsaw. If they cut it down, could plant something really nice instead. I don't know, another Chinese Toon? They are nice and don't give you allergies.

I went to Jeans funeral yesterday and paid my respects. I gave her a yellow poppy bunch. She was a bright sunny lady full of the joy of the Lord. I will miss her very much. Church just didn't seem the same when she left. I hope she enjoys paradise and look forward to the day when we will all be together...