Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Nativity

Went to work today in the garden, this time thought I would tackle the remaining stump of flower carpet rose in Sock's bed which I had covered with a rusty metal bin. I uncovered it to find it had sprouted these horrible looking shoots that looked like spiny crabs legs, or something underwater.
I got out my spade and fork and dug and dug and dug and stabbed it with a fork but still the thing would not budge. It had also sent out roots wider than the stump which I cut down. I could not lift the stump from the soil although I had a fair go at loosening it.

I conceded defeat, it had to stay, but not without giving it all I had. I covered it back up with the rusty bin and added another container over the top so it is completely light proof and air-proof, short of pouring concrete around it or dousing it with salt (I don't have enough) I instead made this into a feature. Now my cymbidium orchids sit on top of the upturned container with their lancing leaves showering down, and I have placed other pots around and placed those staghorn ferns/moss at the base, with a white cyclamen that wasn't really rooted under the feijoa tree, some lilies (I'm sure they will be lillies, they are in a pot) and the remaining bed covered with seed raising mix in which I sowed violas and renga renga lily.

I hope they still come up because I overturned the soil a bit and stepped all over it. This little corner of Sock's Bed is the awkward L shaped bit so there is only a narrow strip between the box hedges. I do not intend it to become a haven for thorny rambling carpet roses again. My new plants there have smooth glossy leaves and no thorns.

I was on a mission today. Bibles in Schools helper. Afterward the children came up to me and asked me where I was from. I never know what to say to this but always answer honestly 'New Zealand' or "I was born here" or "Henderson" although they expect something totally different. I think if I come up with a really good answer like 'Outer space' they wouldn't believe me.

Of course I am not from China as never been there but that's what they expect. Some small clues give it away. I look totally chinese. I have the black hair, the slanty eyes, the pale yellowish skin...I could totally say I'm from China and everyone would be happy and believe that. But I would be lying.

I am native born. So you could say I'm naturalised. I was not imported, my mum was. She met my Dad here. His parents were the ones on the slow boat FROM China.

I thought of this as I sowed my native seeds. I was at Kings trying not to buy any plants. Its ok I was not tempted in the slightest but was fascinated by the seeds. I had pretty much sown all the flowers I wanted to sow and there were none left that took my fancy. Except for a collection of native seeds. Watkins had a line so I bought aforementioned Renga Renga Lily, Clematis, Silver Fern (Ponga) and Mountain Rock Daisy.
Silver Fern packet claimed it had 500 spores. I wonder how they counted them, they were so tiny.
The directions on the packet were to sow them indoors at anytime, but I dispensed with this molly coddling and put them direct where I wanted them to grow with a bit of seed raising mix.
So, we shall see if they germinate!

Why not? They are native, they should be used to the conditions. I wonder if they ever get asked 'where are you from'? when they visit a foreign country. Well, since the majority of flowering plants come from China I think it's fair exchange. I hear Pohutukawa grows like a weed in Malborough.