Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunshine on a cloudy day

When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May...
It's nearing the end of May. Time has flown by!

Yesterday had the working bee in which we we were very busy. Nicole planted garlic, and I sowed a green crop of buckwheat. The peas I sowed last time had disappeared?! They must have been eaten by birds or maybe slugs. We never have much luck with peas at Woodside. We also planted silverbeet. I managed to snag four rhubarb plants! I'd never tried rhubarb before. So I have no idea what they taste like, but they look healthy and  are a giant vegetable which I duly planted amongst my roses. Apparently they make good companion plants. I also put one in a pot, moving the strawberries to other places and the chives in it's own pot. Rhubarbs are deeply rooted and also they like to be in part shade.

It has rained and the house plants get put outside to have a drink of rainwater.
I still haven't decided on Daphne, as thought maybe by the letterbox as it's partly shaded and sheltered by the hedge, but, when I tried to dig the soil it was too hard with roots and I would never get enough loam there to plant anything deep in. Reader's Digest 'short cut to gardens' suggests Daphne is good in shady places by doorways. And 'What shrub is that?' suggests some Daphnes are good for rockery areas, which our gravel garden assuredly is. Maybe I should have bought two, to plant in my two places so if one died it wouldn't be a loss.

I am also thinking the pot the peas are currently in which is quite large and may suit Daphne, if given enough acid based potting mix. It is on the corner of the terrace so would give off a nice fragrance instead of by the back door in which there is no place to linger. But the peas are already in it! So she will have to wait. Her tag did say suitable for pots. I dropped by Mitre 10 yesterday and had a look around, Daphne was selling for $23! Some things are marginally cheaper there, but not by much.

I'm going to watch a dvd called Gardens of the World, hosted by none other than Audrey Hepburn. She had a garden in Switzerland. Her vine covered farmhouse was called 'La Paisible' The peaceful place. She retired there after film making, and I read she loved roses and fresh greens from her garden.