Monday, 11 May 2015

Mum's the word

The day after mother's day (my birthday!) I go shopping and see a lot of chrysanthemums for sale that were not sold before Sunday. I am tempted to rescue one or two as they are in bloom and would be instant colour for my garden beds.

After all, chrysanthemum is a chinese flower and you actually can use it to make tea.
Instead, with my birthday money I buy bulbs. More crocus, bluebells, snowflake daffodils and some anemones. I will make a pot for the crocus to put in my shady hen and chicken fern corner garden.
I will put the bluebells near the apricot tree or I may place them under the feijoa tree. We have five baskets full of fruit.
I will place more snowflake daffodils in Snowy's bed.
I buy seed raising mix to sow the rest of my seeds before winter. The pots I find at the Salvation Army for $2 and $3 each.

I also found a box disguised as a book to place all my unused packets of seeds in from a dollar store.
I give mum a box of books that are 'Grandmother's Household Hints' which has recipes and things to do with bicarbonate of soda, lemons, honey, salt and vinegar.

Mum said she wanted me to get a job as a mothers day present, but I really don't know where to find a paying one. I have looked everywhere, trademe, seek, asking friends, even going up and asking workplaces, but nothing. So, I don't know. I think she just wants me out of the house. I tell people I work from home. Home includes garden, so I don't know what they are thinking. Maybe they think, just because I don't work outside of it, at a proper official govt sanctioned tax paying workplace,  that there's actually no work to do? That I just sit around all day, while my plants just grow themselves? They do need care you know.  Also I DO get paid, in fruit and flowers. Mum just will not accept that money does grow - on money trees. Its just not legal tender and can't be banked so the Australians can get it and  the govt can't cream off their 12.5% GST.