Thursday, 14 May 2015

The rain it raineth everyday

In between bouts of shower power I potted up my strawberries using my strawberry mix. I had one wire basket that used to be used to cook fish and chips in and lined it with some sheepskin, and put one plant there. The other three, I put in a hexagonal stone pot that used to house one of my fuchsias.

I think I need to mound them up a bit more, as they get a bit damp. But pots are good as when the strawberries start fruiting, their runners and berries can dangle off the side. My flowering fuchsia (white and pink) I repotted in a hanging basket because it looked a bit sad in the pot, flowering away you couldn't appreciate the flowers as they were so low down. Now up a bit higher, it has more air in a basket, which I hooked beneath one of my mangers off the garden fence in my little patio.

I also liberated one of my orchids from the coir basket liner I had been using, now its lining the fuchsia basket and the roots now have freedom in it's wooden hanging basket - I learned that, orchids have aerial roots and don't really need to be confined in a lined pot.

Tomorrow I am off to a Home and Garden Show looking forward to seeing the different ideas and talking with fellow gardeners.