Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Tui NZ Flower Garden

I am reading the Tui NZ Flower Garden book.
Its very good, and lists flowers from A to Z with pictures and tips on how to grow them. Obviously I can't grow ALL of them, as some are really only suited to colder climates, and are unobtainable in Auckland, but the majority I can at least give a go.

I do have a list of ones missing from my garden that I can picture having a spot there.

My list

Abutilon (chinese lantern) would look good by the back fence
Allium - ornamental onion. I could just plant some shooting onion bulbs as did last time, although they were white flowered not pink.
Amaryllis - naked ladies. I like the pink ones. It says bulbs arrive early October.
Anemone - Japanese windflower. I think my brothers have pink ones at their house at Epsom.
Although..I like the florist ones either in hot pink or violet.
Bleeding Heart - they look cute like little hanging valentine hearts. I haven't seen them in the shops though.
Bottlebrush - these would make good chicken hedging plants along with Kowhai.
Clematis - am considering a climber for the back fence, although I have sown some native seeds there.
Evening Primrose - a romantic looking flower which I'm sure smells, also opens during the evening
Gladiolus - the pink edged ones and frilly peach ones look gorgeous. For the back fence as they are tall, and will attract bees.
Lisanthus - these look like roses without thorns! Where can I find them?
Violet - I need to find these. Violas are not the same as violets.

I think its cute that Tui have developed a garden mix and called it 'Flower Power'. Tui is a garden brand but they don't sell seeds just garden mixes and fertilisers and some sprays, and wild bird seed. I get most of my seed from Yates and Kings Seed and also Watkins and McGregors. Sometimes its easier to just sow from punnets or plugs. But I'm hoping my seeds will come up..I sowed plenty. Then after they have flowered and set seed I won't need to buy seed anymore!