Thursday, 28 May 2015

Frost in May

There's a chill in the air and winter has arrived.
This morning's temperature was minus 5 degrees. We've wheeled out the heater. I walk around the garden, checking if any plants have succumbed to frost. A borage seedling looks wilted, and one of the sunflowers looks droopy. But other than that, it looks like the plants have survived. We have bought some of the flowering succulents inside.

I still haven't decided on a location for Daphne. I could put her by the deck, which would be east facing, by the stairs, so we can smell her as we walk past. Or I cold put her by the back door, near the laundry, again so we can enjoy the smell. This is on the south facing side of the house, near the rosemary, also near a tap, in the gravel bed. I'm just worried if she gets too big, but, the tag said one metre shrub. If I put her by the deck, Dad would have to mow around her.

Hibiscus is flowering big peachy orange flowers. The mustard I sowed a few months back is now flowering, although I've pulled a lot out and let it lie for green manure.
The tangelo tree is bearing fruits. The feijoas have nearly finished fruiting. The hydrangea doesn't look too good, it hasn't got any flowers and the leaves are brownish. The passionfruit has buds.
The basil has gone to seed, but when I try to pull it out, it is deeply rooted. Perhaps I should just leave it to die down amongst the plants along with the cherry tomato? Unless I need to make room for something else but nothing much will grow now in terms of veges and herbs and flowers.

Now's the time to plant trees and shrubs. And soon, garlic. I have one sack of strawberry mix still to use up, but I've planted all my strawberry runners. I have a working bee tomorrow at the gardens. Maybe I can see whats going on there...I wonder if my broad beans have come up.

I think maybe I shall ask at the garden centre about the Daphne. I don't want her to turn up her roots and die, considering she cost $12. The books said she was fussy, but rewarding. Well at least she doesn't have thorns!