Friday, 15 May 2015

Chicken Coops for the Soul

I went to the Home and Garden Show today, and...broke my ban. They were selling bags of bromeliads for $5, each bag had about seven large bromeliads. I could hardly pass that up!
When I got home, I snuck them into the beds and corners. Mum hasn't noticed (yet). They are green and camouflage well with all the other plants in the shade.

They were also exhibiting this new bio fertiliser, made from aloe vera plants and seaweed, with six different microbes for the soil. All organic. I bought a small bottle for $5 and fertilised my borders.

We shall see if it makes any difference!
They didn't have any rain barrels as thought they might do, but there was one exhibit of solar power panels. If I had the money and permission to install a few on the garage roof, I could power my car! Or at least, save money on power. You never know when the power will run out in Auckland.

I also saw the eglus that my book I'm reading at the moment, Chicken Coops for the Soul, mentions. Pretty pricy, and all plastic. Chickens seem to be the in trend these days. After my mum got Australorps Mary and Martha, my other aunties joined in. Now I have fresh free range eggs everyday.
However our coop is not much to be desired. It's an old wire cage. Mum managed to find a rabbit hutch on the side of the road, but Mary and Martha prefer the wire cage. It's cosier. She's lined it with newspaper and plastic, and they have a nesting tray lined with hay, and at night they go to roost.
I have seen some flash chicken coops in books complete with roof garden, balconies, even a gypsy caravan on wheels. But Mary and Martha aren't fussed. They want to stay together in their cosy battery coop behind the garage. I'm sure those organic free range farmers will be annoyed. Chickens preferring cages?! But we gave them freedom!

Dont worry, they are free to room in the backyard, but their hen house is actually a cage.

I think I may be coming down with a cold from being outside in the wind and rain. I ate some garlic and honey to combat it, but, I can just feel my throat going tickly and my nose starting to run. Grr. I may be out of action next week, resting up and reading the rest of Chicken Coops for the Soul.