Thursday, 14 May 2015

The upside down plant Kingdom

I head to Kings again. This time to buy a pot of feverfew. Not for me! For a friend who suffers migraines. I had read it in a home remedy magazine, of its healing leaves.
I was about to buy some seeds as well, but then I remembered..that plant looked familiar, is it not the same as pyrethrum daisy? I have that plant!

I will need to check my beds again to make sure.

My strawberry plants need potting up, as they have been sending out runners again. I am going to put more into a hanging basket, so I bought some strawberry mix. I do have some straw, well, its more hay, as mulch. The strawberry mix says it has extra potassium in it, for extra juicy strawberries. Well I hope so. I haven't decided where to hang them yet, and did get some hooks, but I think I need ones that nail from a wall, or I could just hang the basket off the acer tree. I'm a bit worried that the birds will steal my strawberries though if I hang them there.

Salvation Army was good to me and I found some Gardening Made Easy folders for $4 each. Someone had collected the whole part work! It must have cost a fortune when all counted up, because I remember collecting once a similar part work series that cost $8 an issue. And there were at least 50 issues. Yes, a way for publishers to make money...dole out bits of gardening advice each month. When you could have just waited several years later, someone passed on perhaps, and gave their old gardening books to charity...and you happened to be in the shop and snap up the blessing for a fraction of the price.

This is the economy of gardening. One seed produces thirty, sixty, ninetyfold. Faith the size of a mustard seed becomes a huge tree the birds nest in. Now why didn't I learn this in school? Maybe it is because I skipped Sunday School. In my defence, my parents weren't church goers. And the neighbours never invited me, so, when I first read this in the Bible I thought it was profound, cos all I had learned in school was, if you studied and passed your exams and went to university and then got a job/career, you got paid. And that was it. Then your parents could wash their hands of you and your name be up in lights and you could move away. But slight problem. Your parents grow old and need someone to look after them. Who's gonna do it? Some strangers who they don't even know whom you pay? Shunt them off to a rest home? Well, I think I got gypped in that department, clearly I am meant to be the stay-at-home daughter. While everyone else is off complaining about their naughty kids and trials of marriage to indifferent spouses...I get to enjoy the slight snubs from people who think that I do no work and that I ought to work and make money and labour hard...for someone else.

I am not waiting to retire to do gardening. Yes I'm working, in the garden. My own. Something wrong with that? After a while, the naysayers learn not to cross me on this. You can't eat money, but you can eat the produce from your own backyard, which is free. And its cheaper than seeing a $300 an hour psychiatrist.