Friday, 8 May 2015

Working Bee

Went down to the Woodside Community Garden this morning and helped Jacqui putting some broad bean green crop in. I may do some buckwheat later, and also we are planning to put in asian greens - bok choy, chinese cabbage, etc over winter. I cleared away the nasturtiums that had taken over where I sowed the sweet peas, and found only one seedling. Disappointed, I put in more garden peas - Dwarf Massey. Massey because we live near the suburb. If mum is against my garden arch I'm hoping we can have one for the community garden to grow climbing beans and peas over it. They are only $20 on trade me.

Well the rain was good and my oats have now sprouted, mainly in the front beds. The crimson clover has sprouted too, although I'm not sure they will take with maurauding chickens around! Yes, more netting is called for.

I found some ceramic and terracotta pots to put my sunflowers and other pot plants in so my place does not end up looking like a nursery/garden centre.
I also found some ceramic ducks that look quite good sitting on my rocks.

I moved some of the spider plants that weren't taking on Snowy's Bed to the other front bed that has the apricot tree there, after removing some convovulus. That's bindweed to you. It has taken over  a corner patch and I am unable to kill it, it just keeps coming back. Well at least it doesn't have thorns.

My next project is to get some more pallets from mum's work and try a bit of vertical gardening by the shed/garage. You can tack weedmat on the back and line the pockets and then put plants in. Plants that like the sun can then peep out like a makeshift window box.

That's all for now..yes I have been as busy as a bee!