Monday, 25 May 2015

Dear Daphne

Daphne is sitting in her pot in the corner of my terrace. I have not decided where to plant her yet. I looked up online and it seems she may prefer the morning sun and an easterly site. The tag said good for pots, and I'm wondering if should keep her in a pot for the time being.

I wonder if she'd be good by our back door in the gravel garden behind the rosemary, as some people said plant her near entrance ways so you can smell the perfume from her flowers. There is also a tap nearby so she would have adequate moisture. The tag also said lime-free soil, or acid soil. I don't know if I ought to buy a special compost mix for acid loving plants.

We do have a camellia in the back gravel garden which does well, no flowers yet though. Camellias like acid soil. Although there are azaleas and a tea tree on the North side of the house too. So maybe our soil is actually acid anyway? I have not done a proper test to find out.

I'm a bit scared of planting her out at the moment in case mum sees and wonders what this new plant is doing here. She is currently camouflaged by the other plants near the frangipani and peas. Mum of course threw a fit that I bought a frangipani. Even though it was with my christmas money, which was garden vouchers, and it was 25% off. Later she saw some frangipanis at the flea market and scoffed at my plant buying. Obviously I couldn't have waited for a bargain.

She doesn't seem to mind about christmas trees though. Christmas trees are IMHO horrible and unsuitable for our climate. What is the use of a dying christmas tree when you can have a live, fragrant frangipani reminding you of tropical, sunny days? Also they need no decoration, the flowers are heavenly enough.

Any ideas? Daphne lovers are welcome to comment here. Extra bonus, Daphne will flower in winter.