Wednesday, 20 May 2015

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day...

Yesterday .... continued my convalescence and read two books. Then found out my car battery had died while I was in bed. The funeral may be today...when the coroner comes to look at it.

So I have not really been able to go anywhere or do any gardening. The only new thing I had done was divide some lambs ears so now there are three clumps growing in Snowy's bed. And clipped back some chives that seem to have become infested with little black insects. Also, I found some grass had been growing amongst one of my chives so, I may have been eating plain grass along with chives with my scrambled egg.

On my short walkabout between showers I noticed my hyacinth is sprouting! All different colours, mauve, pink, and white. This is very exciting as I had never grown them before.
Also, my ivy leaved geranium is flowering in a most gorgeous cerise colour, and bonus I have two of them as I took a cutting. Dead easy, just pick a stem, stick it in soil, and it roots.

Will take photos to show you...along with the white alyssum, which is doing very well and giving the beneficial hover flies much food. I am thinking of joining the local butterfly club.

Then after eating some more chicken and corn soup (thank you, Watties) I went and organised my empty seed packets and labels. I have a little box that's shaped like a book. So I put them all together. I was going to organise them into a little scrapbook to show what a delightful garden I have with a myriad of different seeds those professional scrapbookers have made it an unhealthy obssessive and expensive hobby in which you need to buy all these bits and pieces instead of using actual, genuine SCRAPS, I kind of put paid to that idea. I'd rather spend money on...well..seeds and bulbs. Seeds and bulbs! Arrrgh!

Can having a cold make you delirious?