Thursday, 7 May 2015

Rainy Day

It started raining last night after seven days of no rain.
So my water jars are full.
Comos is flowering down the back.
I went to the Warehouse which was awash with Mother's Day gifts. I resisted the gift packs and bought five crocus bulbs. They were 'Purity' variety, and I buried them in amongst the money trees and aeoniums in my shady garden.

Bulbs are not plants are they? Yet.
They will flower and then I can harvest saffron strands from them.

It seems like the oat is starting to sprout. Shall I chuck in some buckwheat as well? I'm not sure. I bought the buckwheat as I've never grown wheat before and wondered what it was like to harvest grain. It seems a waste to have all this lawn and never able to harvest the grain from the grass.

I also found some fake butterflies to hang on Fluffy's garden chicken wire. I caught Martha trying to fly over the fence. Naughty chicken!
When it rains they come indoors.
I'm thinking of putting a roof garden on their coop one day.

All this rain is making me sleepy...I watched Sleeping Beauty on ice last night and fell asleep before the end. So I missed the dance of the sugar plum fairies. Aren't fairies just human butterflies?