Thursday, 30 April 2015

May Day

The blog might say different, but it is May Day here,  and a glorious one at that. Autumn is in the air and the leaves of many trees are turning golden yellow, russet red, and tangerine.

I went for a wander and a walk this morning...a hibiscus bud had fallen so I picked it up to put in a vase..I can see it's a creamy yellow with red flecks.

I walked to the shops to buy a herald and looked at the silk flowers in Mitre 10. A tad pricy but they last forever. I bought a yellow poppy and a pink peony.

I had gone for a nosy to Kings yesterday but there was nothing new there that caught my eye and I swear I am adhering to the no more plants ban. I just wanted to look.

At Mitre 10 they had mother's day displays out, but since I had already found something for mum, I wasn't tempted. Chrysanthemums seems to be the flower of choice, but they are more for funerals in Chinese culture, so..I do not succumb and buy any for mum. I have had many people buy chrysanthemums for me on birthdays etc and none of them ever do well when planted out. If you would like to buy me flowers...could I request a pot of red cyclamen instead? Or orchids?

I bought some seeds - catmint, delphiniums and larkspur. Note - seeds, not plants.
I need more catmint because, I saw Prince Charles had underplanted them in his orchard and they look like they did really well, so I thought I would try that.
Delphiniums because...well, why not. See if they grow. My garden border needs a bit of height to it, and it wouldn't be cottagy without them. Larkspurs the same. I can't really tell the difference, they look the same to me.

I caught Sparky the cat sitting on my pot of geranium yesterday. I think he bent it. He looked like he belonged there and the pot was the perfect size for him. I don't mean for my pots to become cushions, but maybe, if that geranium does not survive, I will replace it with those moss plants that look like cushions.

Well I better get back to it. Might visit Woodside today..see what's been planted. I missed the working bee on Anzac Day.

One day I will revisit West Lynn Gardens in New Lynn because I had been reading a book about it. It's a community garden started at a former nursery and has a butterfly house. It used to be part of Eden Gardens and grow plants for them, also a volunteer garden. There was a bit of drama about the ownership etc but now they own it completely everyone is happy because they put a lot of time and effort caring for it. It's more than just veges and fruit, they have ornamentals, especially camellias, ferns, butterflies...places to sit, paths, you can have weddings and garden parties there...I don't know why the council didn't just make it a park. But it's an inspiring labour of love, and I would recommend anyone living in the area to visit.