Thursday, 16 April 2015

Another Planet

On my wishlist for my garden is that one essential thing - somewhere to sit!
I investigated all the options. Currently I have one place to sit in my garden - the steps of the deck or the verandah. That is not very good if I want to sit anywhere else...maybe on the grass? Under a tree? I could lug my camp chair around..but that's not garden sitting. That's camp chair sitting.
A picnic rug is not practical..

So today I made a trip to another planet. Palmer's Planet.
You wouldn't believe the alien things I found there.
It was all very tempting but I do have the sort of same things on Earth..without price tags attached.
In the end I bought a small wind chime to hang on my wisteria. There were bigger ones that played 'Amazing Grace' and even some odes to Planet Neptune and Buddha...but I figured a small one that played a minor chord to the angels every time a sinner repented was more my style.

I also bought a little fan trellis for my snow peas growing in a pot. A naked lampshade would not cut it.
I wanted to buy some hebes but they were ridiculously expensive. So I made do with hebe seeds in a packet instead. When I opened the packet to sow them they were ridiculously small. Even smaller than mustard seed. I could not believe a big plant would come from that tiny seed I could hardly even see. It was foil wrapped and then inside the foil wrap it was cellophane wrapped.

I scattered them near the roses.
The chickens had been digging them up too. But now with my defence system of bird netting and coat hangers, they won't be able to scratch those seeds out, though they near succeeded uprooting my stocks. I put in some more sweetpeas, bouncing the seeds into the ground. No point holding on to seed...the fresher the better. I even scattered more poppies even though it isn't Anzac day yet. I may be busy on Anzac day. Either baking Anzac biscuits or singing the national anthem. I don't know yet.

I also found, in my hoard of forgotten abandoned STUFF, some bamboo rings, the kind you use to steam dim sum, with the bottoms fallen out, so I used them as plant protecters around the bases of this swan plant and canna lily. No more chicken scratching and cat scratching.

And just now..the dog was barking so I ran to get my gun, shot two sprays of water, the dog ran back to his backyard with his tail between his legs. Hooray!

Phew. Gardening is hard work. I want to put my feet up..but I can't. I have no hammock. Yet another thing to acquire. I did find these wonderful ceramic stools at Palmers. Just the thing, won't rot, won't rust, won't split. Yet at $129 each maybe a bit out of my budget. But I'm thinking. I REALLY need at least one.

Photos coming...