Friday, 24 April 2015

A thousand word picture

Lets see if this works.

Hooray! This is the tree in Snowy's bed. As you can see, my spider plants looking a bit wilted underneath. I have no idea what that green shoot is, I didn't plant that. But it's pretty and got glossy leaves. There's cyclamen, can make out a bit of love carnation in the far corner, and further back, there's catmint, lambs ears and a patch of mondo grass. (I didn't plant the mondo grass either). Underneath all that mulch are spring bulbs, mainly freesia, but also, I think I put in snowflake daffodils and bluebells. Those are orchids in hanging baskets. And the tree? Ok I don't know exactly what it is, as I didn't plant it. It's a very nice tree. Also that plant sticking out in one of the crooks is a tillandsia. These are unique plants also known as air plants that can survive by hanging out anywhere, with no soil. They take in air, through little fine root hairs all over on their spikes.

Well today..I didn't need to do much but I did pick up my ceramic garden stool. Bonus, it was only $50 not $140 as the glaze was a bit cracked but it is gorgeous and a light jade green colour. Even better than the one advertised on trademe. Besides cracked glaze is stylish. I have now somewhere to sit and contemplate like a chinese scholar sitting amidst tranquility.

Also, I managed to pick up, with that money I saved, a bird feeder from Trade Aid. I had wanted a pretty bird feeder for a while but they were all kinda expensive and plastic and metal and ugly. But this one, made of clay and jute, seemed perfect and also, when hung off a low branch, can feed the chickens. It has three little clay birdies perched on the side too.

Tomorrow will be a bit full on as going to Anzac dawn service, all of us brandishing poppies in remembrance for all that unnecessary carnage...and then our community garden is having a working bee where we will do all the winter planting. If anyone has any more poppy seeds (I scattered all mine) you can secretly plant them at this address...