Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tiny and Toony


Found a chinese toon at Kings St Lukes.
Of course, whenever I go to visit my friend at Epsom I go past that garden centre.
So I just had to drop in.

So now, my Pink Flamingo Chinese Toon (that is still green, but come spring...) has pride of place where Miss Leggy French Lavender was. Frenchie has now been removed and two other lavenders have joined the Pommie and one Spanish. Pommie Lavender (sorry, English) is lavender purple but the Spanish one will be WINE colour. I can't wait.

I feel like an artist. Or maybe I am one, but instead of toxic paint I am decorating with living colour.

One dear reader, no, two have complained I have made these postings too long and tend to ramble. I'm very sorry. That is the nature of the enterprise.

So here is the short version:

Bought wave thrower water gun that shoots 8.5 m. Loaded it last night - very effective. So next door are not getting my chickens.

Thank you Freecycle lady who gave me geranium and succulent cuttings.
Also cape gooseberry and thyme.

Slashed the wild ginger forest.

As a picture paints a thousand words I will take some photos to share. As soon as I figure out how.

Considered enrolling in Unitec Home Garden design course. Do I have a spare $300 lying around? Or shall I just buy plants and books with that money instead?

My fingers are turning green. No actually I should paint them green, to disguise all the dirt under my fingernails. Is that why nail polish was invented?

A rubber ducky now lives in my birdbath, which I moved to Sock's Bed.

That's all for now. You can go back to watching TV.