Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I have been banned from buying any more plants.

Ok. Now it is up to those plants to reproduce. I am not spending any more money.

Those money trees better start multiplying soon.

So much for my planned garden arch and honeysuckle that would have lent an elegant charm to my humble abode (and kept the chickens from crossing the road to get to the other side).

And, that ceramic garden stool that I put in a bid on trademe..well. Technically it is not a plant and it COULD be used as indoor furniture. And I can't go back on an auction bid if already placed.

Otherwise, I'm sorry, the thrill of plant shopping can no longer be mine. No more retail therapy.

I will have to find solace in gardening books, which can be borrowed free from the library and 50 cents each from the withdrawn table. Not that they are giving me any grand ideas...but there are ones that tell you how to save money.

Mum also said I had to get a job and buy a house of my own because she doesn't like my plants and doesn't need them. I can't win.

Does anyone know of a place I could buy for under $175,000 that has a decent bit of land?

Not Antarctica.