Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Its now Autumn.

I have moved Sweet William to be next to the olive tree, as he was getting a bit damp and also the lambs ears were crowding him out.
I am going to grow Snow Peas next to the lambs ears in that pot instead.

Sweet William is now also next to the Love Carnation.
I have also put in some more Pinks and Violas, and a few Poppies. It is sunnier in that corner of the garden by the house with gravel around.

I am going to make one bed a Poppy Bed, I decided, and will have the Lavendar as the pillow. 
I haven’t decided if I will put in other things, like a teddy bear ivy topiary or maybe some Queen Annes Lace for curtains. 

I have done so much gardening work these past few days that..I need a rest. 

I have mulched and composted and buried a whole lot of freesias, daffodils, jonquils, bluebells and snowflakes. I cut back the flower carpet rose and have poured vinegar on it to kill it.
Tembe said she found some roses so…it’s ok. 
The only ones left are the iceberg ones and the pink/scarlet ones down the back (I forget the name). I really don’t like those thorns..but they will keep the chickens from digging up my bulbs and also put netting over the beds.

There are now four wall boxes on my fence and I think I will add one or two more. I have put in one ivy geranium, silver falls, viola, another lobelia, fuschia cutting, and succulents.
I put the spider plants hanging baskets in the trees, and another one I filled with extra viola.
I have put cyclamen in socks bed..actually, I may put more there. They look good there.

I found a bathtub for the chickens, it’s a baby’s bath.
Or it could be for mummy cat.

Green crop has sprouted. Green crop includes lupin, mustard and oats. I also sowed phacelia, hope it survives the winter.
several other random flower annuals I have scattered around. sweet alyssum…and, where is my night scented stock? Disappeared? Well I scattered it somewhere.

Foxgloves, hollyhocks, statice, lemon balm, thyme, hyssop, more sweet peas...
Carrots, spring onions on seed tape in tubs..with a little makeshift plastic cloche.
Hyacinth I’m keeping secret till they start sprouting.
I’ve put in a shrubby kowhai over Fluffy’s grave.

Random thought…if mum or dad ever agreed, I could put square metre plots on the back lawn and then I could really grow a crop of sunflowers and corn and beans to take advantage of the full sun. Be good for the chickens.
But…I don’t want to risk it. Mum is getting suspicious of all this gardening activity.
Wait till spring…then she’ll ask..where did all these flowers come from? 
And I will say…ask God. ;-)

Funny thing happened yesterday. Just after finished mulching…it started to rain. Dad said, that’s unusual, it seems to be just over our theres blue sky everywhere else. 
We got 41mm.