Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained all this morning so I couldn't go for a walk, or even to the shops.
Pity as many were having ANZAC Day off sales.

However, it was very good for the garden and now more seedlings are coming up.
My sack of potting mix was calling me so I grabbed all the remaining plastic pots and filled them, putting in Spencer's Scentsation sweet peas along the chain link fence.
The chickens tried to peck them, they seemed to find the bugs easily, but I'm sure they didn't eat the seeds as I had offered and they did not seem interested.

I now have one giant plastic pot filled with potting mix and have not yet decided to put anything in it. All my plants seem to have found their homes, and there are none that need dividing or cuttings taken, except for an unruly clump of chives. However, when I tried to tackle the clump, it would not budge.
I snip it for garnishings but maybe not enough as it has now multiplied into a thick mass.

I don't have any seeds left to plant except for two packets of sweet peas, two packets of sunflowers of both of which I already have sown, a packet of sweet williams, ditto, and dianthus Clove Pinks. However I read somewhere that these are best sown June/July.

A friend has also given me pumpkin seeds, and zinneas or marigolds, best sown in spring.
Wait there is a packet of Peas, sugar snap dwarf...but I don't want to overload the garden with peas as have already sown some.

So there it is sitting behind my corner fence..a giant black plastic pot full of potting mix. Obviously I can't go to the garden centre as have been banned. I consider transplanting a bay tree there, but I'm not sure it would grow any more than it does now, it is only about 10cm high.

There's strawberries on stolons...perhaps, but I figured I was going to try and fit them in the hanging baskets and mangers.

I browse Kings Seeds for inspiration, I'm still meaning to buy some morning glory to sow in spring to cover the chain link fence. If I don't find any honeysuckle..

Another hydrangea? No, it would dry out in a pot.
I find it very amusing that Americans think pot plants are marijuana. I suppose they prefer to use a fancy word like 'container'. I don't know.
Maybe a palm tree?

Surely paradise is not complete without a palm tree. I will keep you posted.