Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Garden Party

I am reading a book about Highgrove, Prince Charles' country estate and garden.
It has a lot of pictures of his garden. It is month by month, and I'm up to May. I think, if I ever go to England, I'd like to visit.

His son, Prince Harry, is coming to NZ. I wonder if he'll hang out in Auckland. I don't know if he'd be interested in visiting MY garden. It has nothing on his Dad's place.
Sigh. I can always dream...

As for his brother, Prince William, I didn't get to see him. I was working a horrible office job at the time of his visit with Princess Kate and Prince George.

I didn't know that Prince Charles had 100 chickens and a special gothic style house for them. I imagine, if walking through his garden should he ever give me the grand tour, I would tell him we once had a chicken called Camilla.

I'm really inspired by his sundial garden. I kept looking for a sundial, but they sell for 100 bucks not including the stone plinth. I consider making one, but how?
Sometimes I need to tell the time, and I don't have a watch or mobile phone on me.
I figured if I had a a sundial, I'd be able to tell, that is, when it's not cloudy.

I was ok today. I did not buy any plants, as my mum said. However, I did buy some seeds. She won't object to seeds, surely, as she can't tell that I sprinkled more green crop over the remaining beds, and more pansies, and more cottage flowers.

I also bought this really cool thing called an aqua ??? it's a little glass dripper thing bubble that you fill and it waters your plants as you stick it in the soil. It works by gravity feed. They were two for $10. I found them at the Clearance Shed. Frangipani has one, and my basket of petunias and cyclamen has one, as it gets quite thirsty.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I shifted some plants around. Now Pommie lavender is in the front South gravel bed with Pommie Thyme. I figured those herbs would be more suited to the sunny climate than out in the garden beds in the front yard. Also I moved apple mint to the shady side of the house.

A friend suggested I could afford somewhere in Invercargill. ?? That's as near to Antarctica as you can get. I don't fancy freezing in winter.

Oh yes. Winter. Coming a garden near you.