Friday, 25 September 2015

You give me fever

Went to the Woodside Garden this morning to plant my sugar pea seedlings. It was a beautiful sunny morning. has started up again.

Mr Sneezy has come back.

My nose started itching, then I was sneezing, and eyes watering...
I have just been to the pharmacy for a remedy. This time, instead of steroids nasal spray I have something made from quail eggs chewy tablets.

Well, there were plenty of volunteers there they didn't really need me..I think they will put up the arch and plant my choko in the corner and there's going to be a roster for watering the potatoes...

Otherwise it looks like Spring is well and truly here, hooray.
I think I must be allergic to the grass pollen, as there is lots of grass down Woodside but thankfully, there's no more privet next door so, where I live so  it won't be so bad.

The other day I bumped into my Horticulture teacher Buffie and we had a good catch up. I think Buffie is amazing and knowledgable about all kinds of gardening. She's into organic gardening/permaculture and ingenious DIY.  I remember fondly my early days of learning how to garden. One of my classmates, John, was a riot. We had nothing in common but he was always cracking jokes and talking/whining.  Some of those kids had just got out of juvie and needed caretakers to make sure they didn't get into mischief. But it was hilarious how, the big strong young guys let the older, weaker women do all the hard work....I didn't chat much and I bet most of them thought I couldn't speak English anyway!