Monday, 28 September 2015

When will the good apples fall

My side of the fence now has the spot left vacant by the hibiscus now is a Crimson Spire columnar apple tree. I am going to espalier it - when I figure out how. I hope a single tree is ok, that it doesn't need cross pollination. We do have peach, pear and apricot.

All that's left is plum and nectarine and then I would have a fruit salad.

Beth rang again and said her mum died, she's going down Christchurch for the funeral and would I look after her plants? So I have several indoor plants to look after including a piggy back plant and a Cleopatra begonia. I'm not the best at remembering to water indoor plants but I was plant sitting an impatiens last christmas for Operation Christmas Child, it didn't die and they received a live christmas tree back, so I'm sure I will cope this time.

I must admit this plant sitting gig is easier than cat sitting or God forbid, dog sitting. Dogs are the worst. Have to walk them everyday, they are smelly, slobbery, over excitable, whiny, and in general a lot more work than a baby. At least babies have nappies. Dogs just go anywhere, and if they meet another dog, sniff each others butts and then go crazy.

Plants are more sedate. They don't go berserk unless they are weeds and thorny carpet roses, and then they are trouble.

Dad finally put up the new wooden letterbox with the help from our next door neighbours who gave us a post as they were putting up their wooden fence. We just need a 'no junk mail' sign. Dad said he wanted 'no circulars' instead as it sounded better, but the whole reason I put 'no junk mail' sign in addition to 'no circulars' on the old letterbox is hardly anyone knows what a circular is. And it didn't stop the junk mail!

Sometimes my dad is a bit thick. He has to be forgiven though, he's male.