Saturday, 5 September 2015

Fernz and Flowerz

Yesterday I planted some tiny ferns as they were the cheapest at Mitre 10 in the shady rock garden under the coprosma. I had two aspleniums or lady ferns and two pteris. They were 4 for $10. If you buy fully grown individual ones could cost you at least $20 each.

But then one of my friends who lives in a bushy part of Swanson said I could have ferns from her place for free! Also some succulents. Hooray!

My neighbours further cut down their privet and took away the stumps and the cabbage tree. So it's looking pretty bare at the moment. I was going to anonymously send them little gardening booklets and magazines, but have to wait till they out...

It's been windy so I've cut down the lupin to cover the ground ready to dig in and break down before planting up the beds again. I've decided maybe more blue hellebores in the shady border and perhaps another kowhai or kaka beak where I pulled out the ailing gardenia.

Also, horrors, it looks like the flower carpet rose is growing back?? I saw some sprouts. I'm hoping the Japanese anemones will cover that area. Nothing else will do well there as it doesn't have much soil. I may have to build the beds up more. Although..bluebells are peeking through the blue lupin, so if I cover it with lupin should be feeding the soil there. It's under the maple so...not sure what else I can put there. Next year I will grow more daffodils.

I bought the latest issue of NZ Gardener and they were giving away free 'Plan B' wildflower seeds. I have registered my place on their map so hopefully the bees will come back as I heard they had gone AWOL after all the apple moth spraying.

And I may just become an English gardener after all as I saw an ad in the magazine wanting gardeners, newly qualified in London, UK. So, watch out Prince Charles.