Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Say it with flowers

I planted my shuttlecock fern in Socks' bed.
Joanne gave me some of her black eyed susans and a cool succulent that I saw at Ayrlies which I put in the hanging basket. I really like the blue ones by her swimming pool and she did have some in her nursery but they weren't for sale.

I've installed the gothic trough planter on the side of the verandah and still yet to decide what will go in there. Is it too early for tomatoes? We've had several fine days now and they are already out in the garden centres, or shall I just put geraniums there? I think trailing cherry tomatoes and basil might do well in that sunny spot. Or chilies, but I don't really eat a lot of chilli.

I need to take some photos of my snowflakes before they disappear. They have come up in Snowy's bed and look really nice, and my chinese toon has sprouted pink leaves, and the peach tree has blossoms. The magnolia has now got leaves, it bloomed early.

For ants on the sunflowers I've managed to quell the infestation by cutting off the chewed leaves which had aphids on them, the ants were attracted to the honeydew, so I put some honey in an eggshell and the ants went there and drowned in the honey. I also put mint leaves around the base of the sunflowers and the ants seem to have gone.

I have a hot orange geranium that is being eaten I don't know if its aphids as well but not sure what to do about that. The round holes even look kind of cool, like a polka dot cut out plant!

I've put in some morning glory moonflower in a pot as seeds and placed that near the drainpipe, I want it to climb up there.

Otherwise garden seems to be on its way and can't wait for bbq season again.