Thursday, 17 September 2015

Spring clean

Yesterday was busy rearranging my alcove/patio garden.

Dad removed my hanging gothic troughs from the verandah fence and they are now in my patio. Two are on the ground, one with strawberries and the other with spinach and chives. The other one is nestling up high with prostrate rosemary and sweet alyssum. I've put the hanging basket which has sweet peas and pansies there too, and rehung one of the wall mangers to the side.

I've relocated the frangipani there where it's sheltered and warm. It still has no leaves but there it will get the rain. I removed the two wooden seats from the corner and now have plants there too. I've got a hook to hang up my spade and a tea light and also my blessing windchime is at the entrance.

Fluffy's garden has also had a makeover. Fluffy now has a jacaranda tree which will grow to shade the area, I've moved the passionfruit vine to a pot to the side and enclosed the area surrounding the jasmine. I mulched everything with hay. Dragon's gold kowhai is doing well, and there will be butterfly gladioli coming up, along with lillies and other bulbs I've out there (that I've forgotten). There's peas and morning glory to grow up the chicken wire.
I've also  fixed the fence so that the chickens cannot escape through any gaps.

I put in some 'love daisies' - chrysanthemums next to the chinese toon so it will have a kind of chinese theme there. I've put in some more dianthus in my rock garden in the stone trough..I found a whole lot reduced to clear at Pak N' Save. The jacaranda also was only $9, at Mitre 10. That was half price. Mitre 10 are going to have a gardening evening next month so I'm keen to go to that. They also have ladies nights where you can win prizes and they do product demos. I don't think I'll be wielding a chainsaw anytime soon, but who knows, I could try out one of those ride on mowers.

It rained last night so everything is well watered in this morning although I was watering and feeding with Yate's Thrive just to boost the flowers. It's a big task to get everything watered so I want to do as less of it as possible, which is why I'm mulching heavily and getting everything in the ground before spring/summer season. I don't use the hose anymore just a watering can. Hoses are annoying and spray everywhere and then you have to turn them on and off. The sunflowers in pots have been requiring water everyday as they droop very quickly, I can't imagine how they'll survive a day in summer in clay pots. Next time I will just grow them in raised beds vege plots which one day hopefully I will have down the back, as its futile having anything else.

That's all for now...