Saturday, 19 September 2015

The best things in life are free

My friend's brother who's into gardening gave me some silver lavender cuttings yesterday, which I put in the ground, one in the corner of the flowerbed and one in the rock garden by the steps. He saw me admiring the plant at his house so he potted them up for me.

Another friend gave me a whole lot of plants, a maidenhair fern, several flaming katies, spider plants, tiny succulents, flax and manuka from her house in Swanson which is near the bush.

I planted them all too and then it rained last night so they are watered in. Tomorrow will be officially spring!

Flowers are appearing, so far I see

Dutch Iris (bud)
Peach blossom
Night scented stock
Sweet pea (one bud)
Camellia (red)
Sweet William
Primulas (white)
Dianthus (red)

Next door's cabbage trees have come down, the fence is put up and they've got a trampoline in their front yard now. I don't have any play equipment in my garden, I am considering a sandbox maybe, if raised beds are put in for veges. I think a cool thing to have would be a labyrinth or a maize maze, That would have to go in the back though. Or a swing set and tree house and hammock. I don't have a tree large enough for that. Those shepherd huts are cool but we have no sheep. Maybe a gazebo or an arbour? I can dream...can't I?

If I ever get a job or chance to go overseas it might be fun to have a working holiday in England in the National Trust gardens. But that's not likely. I need to be invited first, no point going where you're not wanted. :-(