Saturday, 12 September 2015

Welcome to my world

I rearranged my hanging basket by hanging a christmas cactus from underneath the licorice plant and now my welcome basket has got more ivy geranium in it and and an aloe, as it was getting a bit sun scalded in the manger.

I then thought my fuchsias also are good hanging basket subjects, I have two of them and tried taking cuttings but to no avail, they really like it moist and damp but also seem to enjoy where they are at the moment so I won't shift them.

Pegging down the netting for my garlic was also on my must do list when chickens once again tried to scratch them out.

Also gave sequestron to my yellowing peace lilies, and scattered epsom salts over my ferns, I read its good for them. My hibiscus also needs a good dose of sequestron, but I don't know how long it takes to get the lush dark green leaves that the garden centres ones have.

I have two rue plants that my aunty gave us, they are useful insect repellents and were in pots but they are best planted out so I put them in the rock garden, as they like poor soil.

And that was my gardening for today.