Saturday, 12 September 2015

Feng Shui

I have feng shui-ed my garden.
There is now a money tree growing by the back door. I put it with the birds nest fern. It was growing amongst the azalea in Sock's Bed so I liberated it and now hopefully it will do its feng shui magic.
Well, not that I believe in that sort of thing but it does look good there.

Also I noticed my two other money trees, or jade plants, one of them was turning a bit yellow and that must be because it gets the sun. I hope my peace lilies go back to glossy dark green again, like they are in the shops, because they were really taking a beating of neglect where they were holed up before. Who knows, they may even flower one day?

I also repotted a yucca that I had bought years ago in a bigger pot as it was rootbound. At first I thought it had permanently stuck in the pot and would need to chisel it out but it came out easily to my surprise. So I repotted it and gave it a water and hope it revives as it was getting faded and cobwebs were growing in it.

I am not entirely happy with my hanging basket arrangement and would really like a trailing plant that trails right down to the ground, but cannot think of anything except maybe ivy? There is christmas cactus but not sure it would sit right in a coconut fibre hanging basket. It might dry out.

My welcome basket also needs a makeover so I took the cyclamen out and put them in Sock's bed, so all that's left is ivy geranium and a cutting from the money tree. Licorice plant seems ok but I think it might be better as the welcome plant and one that trails better hanging above.

I have not filled my window box yet with container mix and did have a wander round the garden centres today but did not buy anything. There are trailing tomatoes a yellow variety...

Then there was Poor Knights Lily which I thought might be really good in my rock garden, but the price was $35. I wasn't prepared to pay that much for one plant, and it didn't even have flowers. There was also astremias which look cool and a heliotrope that was very fragrant, to go in my shady border, but again I refrained from purchasing.

Plan Bee has been scattered in the sunny corner and another packet of Kings wildflower beneficial insect blend scattered by the Chinese Toon and Snowy's bed after clearing the oats and lupin. I wonder if there is ever a day when the garden looks just PERFECT. When you can go round and there's absolutely nothing out of place and all your flowers are blooming and you can just rest and enjoy. Will that day ever come? Garden swing seats are selling at the Warehouse for $89 but the thing is you can have any colour as long as it's black. Who wants to sit in a black seat at midday under a black canopy? I think this All Blacks outdoor design trend has gone far enough.