Thursday, 10 September 2015

More natives

I found a Hebe at Mitre 10 on special for $5. They usually sell for something crazy like $16. It went in my rock garden, its called 'Red edge' and has glaucous leaves with red edging. Very cool. And native.
Also some more ferns, a birds nest fern to go in the pot by the door, a hand fern (looks like a hand), a maidenhair, and a pink plant that isn't a fern called Hypoestes. All these were from tiny pots.

I moved the buxus mop top out of the pot to the back where its with the other buxus to be hedging.
It hailed today, was windy, rainy, then sunny. Typical spring weather. Too cool to grow veges just yet.
I'm planning to put another window box on the verandah but haven't decided what to grow there yet.

I might go for hanging cherry tomatoes,  but will see. They are on sale now, or I could go for chilis. Or maybe basil.

My sunflowers nearly got toppled by the wind so I've lined them all up in the corner of the verandah.
I'm hanging out for some nice sunny days. Next Monday I've got pegged to visit Ayrlies garden if the weather is fine. If not I may raincheck for the following week.

In today's Get Growing newsletter they were advertising lots of garden festivals coming up. There's also daffodil shows and orchid shows, the only thing I've been to are home shows and A&P shows, never an actual flower show, or festival, so I'm wondering if I ought to go to one? Or join a garden club? There's one that meets on Tuesdays in Te Atatu Peninsula so maybe I could join them?

I think about these gardening clubs sometimes you may meet some real eccentric naturists or those who love the good life so much they make everyone else feel stink for not making their own cheese. Yes there are some of those types out there, if you don't recycle everything back you a traitor. But thankfully most gardeners I've met have common sense...

I also managed to snag a free bottle of Tui prickle eliminator so it's goodbye to prickles (onehunga weed) come summer and who knows, it may even work on that return-from-the-dead carpet rose. I feel sorry for the poor folk living in Onehunga, to have a weed named after their suburb. Epsom gets salts named after them even. Henderson so far has nothing although it did used to be known for grapes and apple orchards. Also I think it's sad that there is no more tree on One Tree Hill.