Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dream London

Well, so much for dream London.
I was so keen on writing to a complete stranger about the prospect of gardening in a genuine English Garden in London UK that I sent off my CV and all my personal details to this person who barely read my email and asked if I was actually in London and whether I had a gardening business and who I worked for.

And how old was I and did I have a drivers licence?
Until it dawned on me that even though it was advertised in the NZ Gardener magazine she actually didn't want people who lived in NZ to apply. I'm like huh???

So I just said sorry I must have misread your ad. I don't know. She was mighty quick to reply to my email. And assume I'd just drop everything and fly to London for an interview perhaps. Yeah right! You can't even get a work visa if the employer hasn't sponsored you to come over.

My referee was all excited maybe a real job prospect! But I had to tell her oh, it looks like it isn't the case. Well, so much for that grand plan. And no, it wasn't for Prince Charles or Buckingham Palace.


On a brighter note, I planted another kowhai dragons gold today in the gardenia's vacant spot and also a tiny boston fern. Looks like spring will be here soon, and my birds will be happy.