Thursday, 24 September 2015

Spring is here...

Daylight saving starts tomorrow...spring is here!

Today I planted some more lily of the valley near my hydrangeas. I had planted some under the apricot tree but they seem to have disappeared? Did the chickens dig them up??

Also, in Fluffy's bed she now has a Queen Anne's lace. As befitting a Queen cat.

Lemon balm, which the chickens dug up now is in the L poppy bed.
Pineapple sage is planted near the lemon tree in the sunny spot.

My abutilons have bloomed. The red one. I have also a yellow and pink one, but no blooms yet.

It has now just rained which is good so they will be watered in.

The chickens have been a menace and tried to dig up my tulips. I got angry and mum put them back with a grill and upturned dishrack over them.
I also have put the spider plants all in the tyres and covered them with twigs also as defence against chickens.

I found a dichondra silver falls at Kings which I had wanted for my hanging baskets as they hang so beautifully, so I had three in a pot and put them in three different baskets.

I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got daisies in green pastures...I've got my garden, who can ask for anything more?