Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Chasing Birds and Butterflies

I have decorated Fluffy's grave and made it into a butterfly garden. It now has colourful bread tags on the chicken wire with the butterflies, butterfly gladioli, sunflowers, peas, and butterfly nets. Along with the kowhai, passionfruit, nasturtium, manuka, oriental lilies and jasmine.
No swan plant but if I get more I'll put some in pots nearby.

I've seen birds come and eat from my bird feeder and the chickens drink from my trade aid bird saucer. And my four surviving sunflowers are starting to bud and have petals!

Also I had a talk with my friend and she's going to ask her handyman brother to make some raised beds for her and me. Hooray! I said I would shout him a dinner or something as thank you. My friend Loretta is planning on growing veges and fruits for juicing for her new healthy diet.
She already has flowers by her front door, busy lizzies and geraniums that I gave her, and she usually has petunias or marigolds as potted colour. As her parents own a farmlet up north in Whangarei, she helps them garden up there. They have a big vege patch. Last time I was there I remember eating freshly dug potatoes with roast pork.

I really need to find some chains and a hook for my hanging basket of licorice plant.
Another thing I may do is plant another batch of potatoes  already sprouting in the bag in another container and see if certified seed potatoes grow any better than the ones that you buy to eat.

I'm hearing thunder at the moment so it seems like the spring rains will soon be upon us.