Friday, 23 December 2016

Toiling with lilies

Lilies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin..

However I did toil arranging them and spent about three hours getting them just right, thankfully someone had cut some and put some in a pitcher for me to arrange, and all the red canna lilies are cut from my garden five stems, plus all the white christmas lilies in bloom. Margaret offered her hydrangeas and the rest were white agapanthus, wisteria, alyssum and pansies.

So that's church flowers done.

Tomorrow I can have a rest in my deck chair.
Oh wait a minute, I can't. I've been dragged over to family christmas feasts. arrgh.

I have to have a ready answer for nosy relatives asking me what am I doing or am I working and I am just going to say I don't want to talk about work its a holiday. They can look at my CV online if they are so nosy. (Well actually they can't as I deleted it, but I would think the nosy people asking would have sneaked looks on Linkedin if they were really that interested).

However I am most excited at the prospect of working in jail. You see, they have libraries and gardens in jail. And the general public aren't allowed to visit. So if I worked in one, wouldn't have people being rude and obnoxious and asking stupid questions like what am I doing here? They could just look at me and feel sorry that I'm in jail.

Yes. And as for the criminals its much better they are inside than outside smashing up windows and stealing toilet paper when everything is basically provided. I just would need to smuggle in books and seeds. Mt Eden Garden Prison and Library here I come.