Monday, 19 December 2016

This is a garden blog. I repeat, a garden blog. Read at your peril.

Socks (and now Mary's) bed has had a makeover.
It is now populated with spider plants, and astelia around the pink cabbage tree. I was out last weekend and noticing other peoples gardens that had astelia in them and realised it actually grows really big, I should plant it somewhere it will have room to spread, because it looks not happy squashed up against a wall as I've seen it's beautiful silvery spear shaped leaves get all crushed.
So now it's in Sock's bed.

It was a bit of a mission to separate the spider plants as they had multiplied in my cane basket, along with potatoes (unusual companion planting, but it seemed to have worked because I got six potatoes from it) but once free I found I had enough to cover the wide area and it looks like it will work.
My spider plants were originally taken as a pup from one of the plants at Henderson Intermediate! When I was at school there. I took an interest in plants back then and it grew on to become more over the years, esp when I chucked it down the back beyond the fence and forgot about it. Its like the plant that never dies. It does get frost bitten an sun parched but in the right conditions it flourishes, and this is generally in a sheltered, semi shady position.

I don't really have indoor plants because I don't always remember to water them - when they are outside they get free my home isn't like a conservatory. Also I don't really have the room, preferring fresh cut flowers instead.

The spider plants are the stripy variegated variety but I also have a few plain green ones that grow more spiky than floppy or droopy. I have shifted these that were flowering to a better position and plan to extend my fernery now I've got more greenery as they were right beside the driveway and thats annoying if they grow big and you have to cut them back.

Also I have removed one of the chicken wires I had put up to stop chickens digging up beds down the back now my renga renga lilies have grown (and bloomed), along with the canna and now ginger lilies. It was looking a bit messy and overgrown where the grass hadn't been clipped back and the creeping buttercup had tried to take over. I will need to remedy this border with a plant that makes good edging but not sure what yet.

So there we go. I had shared the last two posts on Facebook and, one person liked it! Thanks Buffie for reading. Because I know other people will say to me if I send them rambling garden diary updates. Uh. I don't care about your garden. Stop. Or better yet don't garden at all. Its annoying. Even when they've asked me to blog about my garden to them. Huh. Is this a blog? Yes!